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My first Corals!


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A huge shout out to Jflysmooth!


Jeff hooked me up with some frags, snails, and halimeda last week...and well... "IT'S ALIVE!"


Tank Specs:

5.5ga AGA w/ Custom Hood and Base

8lbs "Primo" Fiji LR...totally encrusted with coralline

13lbs Oolic Silica (Quikcrete)

AQ 150 w/ some LR rubble

51W 6500K PC

25W Visa Therm



NH4, NO2, NO3, and PO4=0


Ca=360 to 400 (still tryin' to figure this one out!)




2 Peppermint Shrimp

3 Astreas

2 Baja Red Leg Hermits

1 tiny Blue Leg Hermit

5 Nassarius Snail


Brown Zoo Colony

Small Toad Stool leather




Bristles.....1 big one....I'll be watching him :

Tons of Red, Marroon, Green, Purple, and Pink coralline

Bunch of marroon sponges

some macroalgae (red and green)

Tons of feather

3 clams

Copule of small nudis.......watching them BIG TIME!! :


I did have a Aquaglobe 100, but the impeller started getting alittle rusty and I banished it to the SW bucket. I've order a microjet and will put that in when it comes in. I'm looking to get some zoo's and softies.....maybe a low light SPS!


Here's the tank pics:

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Hey Onthefly, looking good! :)


I just noticed that you're using silica sand. Whenever I've had a saltwater tank with that stuff, I end up with a LOT of sponge growth on my LR and glass. I've even considered experimenting by starting a small tank with aragonite sand and a tank with silica sand and seeing which one will have more sponge growth. Just haven't gotten around to it though.


Let us know if you happen to notice if your tank has a lot of sponges in the near future.


Awesome looking tank so far!



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So, as I mention before, I was "keeping my eye on the big bristle worm". Well, I had seen on a couple of mornings small, balled up zoo's rolling around on the sand. I thought they had fallen victim to him.......well tonight I caught the bastard "red clawed"....and

It was a freaking CRAB!!!! He blended in perfectly with the sand, so it was easy to see why I missed him before.


BTW, the bristleworm has hired Jackie Chiles and is now filing suit for "defamation of character and psychological stress endured"


Check him out....now is "swimming with the fishes" in my FOWLR. I think my Flame hawk will handle the situation......

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Well, I thought I'd wait a day or two before I posted the new stuff......since half of my tank looks like Frankenstein with thread and bridal lace holding everything together.......


Well, for the record, Jeff hooked me up again with another grab bag of softies: Kenya, Singularis (I think.......Jeff?), orange zoos, purple/green ric, green shroom, button polyp on a snail shell, and a yellow leather.


I busted up some LR and made some small mounting size pieces.......glued the leather down, tied the kenya and singularis up....I put both shrooms on one piece and wrapped them up in lace.


The Kenya and Singularis opened up before the zoos....even the leather is starting to open.


The color on the shrooms is awesome.


Stay tuned........I'll post some pics here in a couple days


Jeff: I'll email you some tomarrow!!!! Thanks!!!!!

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