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Cultivated Reef

Test Kits?


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What are some good test kits to buy, I am going to have a full on reef;

*High light

*hard corals (not sure witch ones yet)

*good flow


I think I need, Nitrite, Nitrate, Calcium, PH, Alkalinity... and what else?



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Personally, I like Tetra for the basics including alk and trates. I use Salifert or LaMott for the calcium and magnesium.



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So far, I've heard that Salifert was good. I dunno which ones it tests for though. BTW, I live right next to your area, can you tell me where you go when shopping at your LFS (Local Fish store)?

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Salifert is my first choice, second would be Dry-Tab by Doc Wellfish for the basic Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and PH. Very easy to use and accurate too.

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Orange Crush

are you going to share your new problem, or leave us guessing?


btw, i like salifert too, cept for nitrite, nitrate, ammonia where i say go cheap.

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...Not quite...


My NEW problem is posted outside this post, so I could get a better response.


My tank smell like A**, its soo horible, its the foulest thing I've ever smelled and I my family has 2 men (one me) and a

Half-Man (my 13yr old bro...) bad...

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