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Coral Vue Hydros

175w MH bulb temp??


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Personally I find the 20k's a little too blue so I prefer a 12k color. The 12k has some blue in it but not nearly as potent as the 20k's do.


If you like to see a lot of blue the 20 is for you...if not than run 12k's. I've got 2 12k 250's over each of my 75 reefs and no actinic supplementation...perfect for me.



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Originally posted by serjuanca88

I was lead to beleive that to get flouresceoing (sp) from coral, you need an individual actinic source.


Not necessarily true. It's all spectrum driven and that's why you see actinic mixed in with very bright, low spectrum halides for example (6500 and 10k).

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