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112lb. LR + 75gal FOWLR = too much?


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So I found a deal on SeaCrop where if you get 100lb+ of Fiji base rock, you can get it for $2 a pound. In addition to that, add about 12lb. I would eventually move over from my Nano. That of course equals 112lbs., which would go into a 75gal tank with a 2" sandbed. 1.5lb/gal for those of you math deficient ppl. Is that too much rock for a FOWLR system? I'm planning to keep about 6 Blue/Green Chromis, 2 Occellaris, a yellow tang, a Bangai, one or two other relatively small misc. fish, and POSSIBLY a Hippo tang(but probably just the yellow).


I'm open to any comments or suggestions... thanks;)



BTW, anyone have experience with SeaCrop or their rock? If so how is it?

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You need more sand, make the bed about 3-4". I think that your ok on the rock, just depends on the type of tank you have, and if you want a lot of swimming room. Just remember to cure the rock for a long time. and keep your water changes up. Also don't forget to skim that rock.

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The rock is already 100% completely cured. It is base rock that has been in our system for over 3 years. The only stuff to die off on it is bacteria, and that shouldn't cause much of a problem at all.

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