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cmador's BC29


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In the summer of 2005, I started a Finnex 4 gallon. I upgraded that tank to a TruVu 10 gallon, but I hated the acrylic so I changed that tank out to a 10gallon AGA. In March of this year, I upgraded to a 16 bowfront. This weekend I moved the 16 bowfront into a BC29.


As a 16bow - http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=148750&hl=


Before I roll out the BC29, I want to thank NR and more specifically, the members who have BC29 threads. I think I've read them all - twice.


So here's the BC29:



Removed the hood.

Widened the lip from chamber 1 to 2, using a dremel.

Took out the false floor in chamber 1 using a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.

Removed the drip tray in chamber 2.


I'm using the stock return pump with a hydor and 2 koralia nanos for flow.

A Sunpod 150 watt w/Phoenix 14K, which I don't like, too blue for my taste.

Chamber 2 is filled with Cheato lit by my old finnex light from my 4 gallon.

JBJ ATO in chamber 3.

I had been using a Remora on the 16, but it wouldn't work because of the BC's configuration. So I'm using my old CPR Bak-Pak which fits perfectly. The MJ1200 is in chamber 1 and the return goes right into chamber 2.


The yellow wrasse is the only fish.

Some of my corals weren't attached, so those are on a frag rack in my 50. I'll probably move those over next weekend. I moved over all the live rock from the 16 and one other rock from my 50 but the sand is all new.


Warning: My photography skills are pretty weak. I use a Canon Powershot S5IS.





This AM



Yellow wrasse.




red shrooms, gsp and blue ridge already in the tank



Frags waiting in the 50. Zoos, torch and candy cane.

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nice set up! how has the bakpak worked so far? I've got the biocube one on there for now, but it doesn't do much....


Can't wait to see all the corals in there! it's gonna look really nice :)

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Ya - I heard the biocube skimmer is kinda weak. CPR makes the bak-pak that I'm using and they also make a model sr3 that fits inside chamber 2. The bak-pak is kinda loud but I think it skims really well. Here's some pics of the skimmer and tank.




Skimmer is already working and skimmate.



gsp, zoos and gorg



just fed fish with full belly, torch and gsp

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I have been spending all my time and energy on my 50 breeder instead of this tank, but that's all changing. To make a long story short, caulerpa took over my 50 display and I battled it for almost 12 months and finally said enough. It is now taken down, so the biocube is my only tank now. I'm in the process of upgrading. I've been doing water changes all along so it's really not too bad, a little cyano, but no algae.


Switching out my two koralia nanos for #1's

Replacing my CPR bak-pak with a Warner Marine H1

Adding an Aquacontroller Jr.


Some pics, close-ups this time and current fts









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Update time.


- Switched out the two koralia nanos for #1's

- Ordered a new Warner Marine H1 protein skimmer, back ordered until later this month

- Just received a new Aquacontroller Jr and Azoo fan

- New frags of blue/green duncan, blue cup coral, green and pink maze and an orange ric


I'm also fighting some cyano that just turned up about a week ago. Not sure why since I switched out koralia nanos to #1s. Could just be another little cycle as this tank just passed the 4 month mark. All my testing #s are fine, though. Pics of frags and new equipment.






I know I have the possibility of some serious damage to my other corals due to toxicity and sweeper damage from my lps, especially the new cup coral. I've tried to keep some room between those corals and my softies, but I'm going to just keep my eyes open. I'm wondering if target feeding those lps will help or will it just encourage the sweeper tentacles to be out?

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Loving the cup coral - it's really blue/purple and the polyps are like the heads of a duncan. I was hoping that the ACjr would be up already, but it's a bit more complicated than just plugging everything in, so maybe this weekend. Still waiting on the H1 and a new nimble I ordered last week.

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Nice looking tank!


Does anyone know where I can order an Azoo fan in Canada? I can't find these things anywhere and the exchange rate is pretty bad right now so i'm not keen on ordering from the states..

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Update: Still waiting on the back ordered skimmer. Just placed an order for a new Phoenix bulb. My bulb's about a year old and started to see some HA. Just finishes a few days in the dark - worked pretty well. Here's an updated FTS and a pic of my favorite coral in the tank.





What do you think of these zoos? I've had them a while, they are slow growers.


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Wrasse went carpet surfing last week so I replaced him with a pair of ORA black clowns that I bought at the frag swap yesterday. All the frags I bought went into my frag tank with the exception of these mushrooms. I also went and bought the Octopus BH 1000 skimmer. The new H1 still isn't out yet. Like my old Octupus, I'm very impressed given the price. A few pics.




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Dude those clowns are awesome, probably set you back a pretty penny.

They were $45/pair. It was between the clowns or a nice superman monti frag.

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Sweet Wrasse! Love the color of him. got some nice frags in ur tank. nice setup

Thanks for the kind words, too bad the wrasse went carpet surfing a few weeks ago. I added some clean up crew in hopes of getting rid of some algae that popped up. I think it might be due to my fuge light that is leaking light badly into the tank during the overnight hours. The clowns have been hosting the cup coral which isn't looking too good. It's got algae in the middle of it and some hairy shrooms are killing off some flesh where they are touching. I think I'm going to have to frag it in order to save it. The tank has been set up about 9 months now.

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Update: This tank has been on automatic the last few months. A five gallon water change every week and that's about it. You can see that the gsp is really taking over, but I don't mind and the toadstool has really grown as well. The toadstool will get really big and then frag itself by dropping off small pieces of itself. B&W clowns are hosting the gsp, you can see from the pic. This tank will be coming down within the next year. I'm picking up a new tank in two weeks. :ninja:





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Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I'm running out of room really fast in this tank. It is over run with gsp, a giant toadstool, hairy mushrooms, a huge poci, the large orange monti cap and a very aggressive torch coral. I am upgrading soon to a 6' x 2' x 20"h tank - it's currently out in the garage.


Here's a quick pic of my betta tank that I set up about a month ago. All of those bubble are from him making a bubble nest. I have a small heater and those are live amazon sword plants in there.


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Montara Reef Keeper

Looks great. :D


I like the mods you've made, and I'm looking forward to seeing your Warner skimmer and getting your feedback on it.


I'm strongly considering buy a 29BC for the smaller critters that I can't keep in my main display (seahorses and pipe fish) and to complement my 100g full blown coral reef set up. Thank you for the mods and explanations.


Here is a link to my UStream account that has my seahorse cam operating in my nano I'm planning to upgrade from and vids from my 100g too


Live Cam and Vids Link



BARS Tank Journal Link


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Hey thanks for the kind words. This is by far my most successful tank - except it is totally full of coral. Which won't be a problem soon as my new 150 is just about ready. I never thought I would be a fan of the all-in-one tank but this one is just too easy to take care of. I think it would work perfect for seahorses and pipe fish.


I've got a baby on the way, so I am going to be moving this tank into the new baby's room. At that time I think I'm going to remove the sunpod and skimmer and put the original hood back on. The light should be fine as it probably will be just a softy tank.


Thanks for the links - I see you've got some reefing skills yourself. B)

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