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Tank @ Work Q's


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I have been wanting to do a tank at work (since I spend so much time there)...problem is the air quality leaves a little to be desired. It is a welding,torching,plasma cutter environment all day every day. It is hell keeping the office clean! I would like to

do a tank anywhere from 1/2 to 5.5 gals..been shooting around

some ideas:

1) nano with 2 pc fans in hood 1 intake and 1 exhaust and utilizing a "hepa" filter on the intake fan. OR going with less light

equals less heat and making a more airtight tank and keep lowlight corals.

2)Scrap the reef idea and go freshwater! ...maybe a planted 2.5

with some lil' tetras

3) maybe I'm just fuct and I should just enjoy the fishtank screensaver on my laptop?

anyone here have experience with tanks in a dirty environment?

I think carbon could go a long way here, but metal accumulation down the road is what i fear.



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Metal shavings, fumes, and dust flying around in the air could be a real problem, I think. I would be afraid that metals would accumulate, like you said. It might not matter for a FW planted tank.


If anything, I would go with less light, more airtight. Hey that rhymes.

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