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Adding LS to crush corals ?


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I'm thinking of buying a establish Nano from a LFS. I've seen it there for the pass 5+ months but it was never for sell, but now it is. It's got a couple of things in it, i saw a 2 shrimps, one is a Harlequin shrimp, nice LR, but i think i would have to change the light, right now it's a 2x 18w ?!? I think ! It's a Via Aqua 10G.


Right now there is crush corals but i would like to put live sand on top of it. Is that ok ?


Plus the LFS guy told me that moving a 10G would not be a problem... I'm not sure about that !!


Thanx !

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just pull the cc and put the sand in when you move. i've seen that same setup with lps growing under it ie frogspawn, torch, hammer. so that lighting should be enough.

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The guy says he puts a live starfish in there every other month and that the shrimp keeps feeding on it for some time without killing it... for the first couple of weeks !


Not so sure if i want to see this :x

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