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Black Ich


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My true perc is apparently afflicted with black ich. I read up on it a bit (seems to affect tangs more often) and trotted off to the LFS because I was too lazy to drive the 50 minutes to the reef store. All they had to treat marine parasites was the Kent Rx-P. I was wondering if anyone has used this and what kind of success they had with it. I'm a little concerned about using it to treat the tank. It clearly states on the bottle that it can harm sps and colonial anemones (shrooms). My other option is to net the perc and give him a 15 minute dip in the treatment, but there is the possibility that those little parasites have already started multiplying and my watchman may be the next victim. So...treat the tank and possibly lose a few corals or treat the perc and hope for the best?

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