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The Travelling Anenomes


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I have two Tulip anenomes in my tank and a few nights ago one of them up and disappeared on me. I figured I'd never see him again until the lights came on this morning and I spotted him in a field of green zoos so I snapped a picture.





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So far he's not bothering the zoos at all, although those green garden variety zoos seem to be able to withstand about anything.


Hopefully he'll stay put for a while.

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Originally posted by john76

Isn't that a majano?


No, it's not a majano. I have had two people who live in the area and own and operate their own LFS ID this for me because I was curious myself. One of them had a majano for me to see.


They were both in agreement, this is clearly not.

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I've heard everyone preach "No anemones in your nano!!" Now Jeff's doing it? What gives? Are tulips hardier and less prone to crashing? Love anemones and I'd like to throw one in the ten, but everyone (rightfully for most anemones) advises against it. Know you upgraded to a 20g, you just gambling or are these guys safe to keep?

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The tulips are very small and haven't given me any trouble at all over the several months I've had them. I also have some mini-carpet anenomes and aside from them stinging me (they are more sticky than fly paper), they are model reef citizens and haven't bothered anything else in my tank at all. I have had the mini-carpets split twice on me and instead of two I have four but again, no trouble. I think size has a whole lot to do with it :).


Here's the mini-carpet (more specifically the Stichodactyla Tapetum anemone):



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I gotta say, I'm in love with those tulips. They look like the best idea for people who want anemones in small tanks.


These, and "Flower" anemones (liveaquaria, or etropicals has them) look to be the best bet for me. lol



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