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70W MH Ballast question


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I have an Advance Ballast, ANSI M98/M143. Does anyone know if this will the be ok with the Catalina 70W MH Bulb? I have had major trouble finding info.



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Is that is an electronic ballast ? If so it will work with the Catalina double ended bulbs. Some (including myself) had problems with the 10K version. Others have had luck with them. If you are getting them from PSL you might want to look at the feedback forum, they are having some problems it seems

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People were getting them to fire on a Aromat M143/M139/M98 eballast but be careful before buying the Catalina bulb since too many other people have gotten duds. If you haven't already wade through the 300+ posts on the Looking for a Cheap Metal Halide Alternative? thread and you can see some have so far had okay results (so far) while some of the catalina bulbs were just complete duds.

This must be your ballast :

I was considering buying one of the catalina bulbs before I decided they were crap. I remember seeing on one of Catalina/PSL's auctions for a supposed 20,000K bulb some with some bogus data attached to it. The acution says it's an M80 but I think that's for 250W not 70W.

I emailed the guy for more bulb info and he never responded.

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Foo, Unreal....


MyEbay purchase....


I was willing to gamble $20....


Do you know if this ballast will fire another 70W ($89) bulb?

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Chamkeeper - your ballast is rated to and should light single ended 70W M98 bulbs. I don't know though about double ended. It's not rated for those but it doesn't mean it won't light a 70W double ended M85 bulb.

The only problem when you do something non standard like that is you run some risk of hazard or damaging equipment like your bulb. The color a bulb outputs could be shifted if you run it in configurations it wasn't intended to.

Or maybe you want to risk another $20 or $25 dollars and try getting another ballast from Graywolf57 I think he might still have some extra M85 eballasts that are rated for double ended bulbs.

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