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White cotton strings -- ID Plz


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I have found this isolated on one particular rock. Seems like a bunch of white hairs moving by the current (ie, no undulating when the powerhead is off)


They dont seem to have any base but come out of the rock, maybe the base is too small to see though?




I also found them lining a hole in the same rock.

I thought I had them ID'd as


(Like I said, It's hard to tell if it has a base as it is on white rock and so small)




Cotton Candy Algae



Or Spaghetti worms?


Mine doesnt have the brown though, the white part is DEFINATELY similar. Can someone please help me figure out what they/it is and if they are harmful?



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k, called the LFS and described them, didnt know what they were but said "they can't be that bad."


Grrrrrr... more like I don't know and don't bother me.


Anybody have some input?

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Nope, definately not a feather duster, that white mass has about 20-30 strands. I think I have it narrowed down to spaghettoe worms = good OR cotton candy algea = very bad.... Looks like only time will tell if our tank is in danger.

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