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Xenia pulsing


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I have had my xenia for 8 months now. It never pulsed in my tank. Now, for some weird reason, one of the colonies is pulsing quite nicely. I haven't changed anything in my tank, that is weird. Strange animal this is...???

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Strange and a big ol' PITA. I can't get rid of the crapola. It's darn near time for me to frag it again (this is AFTER I tried to cut it all out of my tank with zero luck).


Screw it. I have come to the realization that it ain't coming out.



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Please send me your zenia!! I am going to put it in my 5.5 and that is all I am going to put in there!! I am setting up a 20g long and all my other stuff is going in there. My wife saw some zenia and wants some. I told her I would leave the 5.5 set up and put some zenia in it.

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If you put pulsing xenia in a 5.5 gallon, you'll be sorry pretty soon! That stuff grows faster than weeds in a garden. It seems like I can't get rid of mine quick enough!

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The xenia started pulsing before I started with kalk. Th pH has been around 8-8.2 all the time, no major changes yet. I have yet to figure out why.

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Chufa-It happens. I've had some colonies pulse like made then stop for a month then start back with everything else around them still pulsing like crazy, some shrivel up in one tank and almost die then 1 day in the jungle and they are back to normal and pulsing in 1 day. It's definitely a stange but wonderful animal to say the least.:)


On a side note if you turn off all of the water movement in the tank and watch the xenia while it is pulsing and swaying you will be pretty relaxed as it is pretty d@mn cool and relaxing IMHO that is. I stared at my 2.5G once with tall stalks just swaying back and forth pulsing for 30 minutes with the AC Mini off and didn't even realize it had been that long.

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Ox- you didn't realize it but you were a temporary "Zenia Zombie"


Who knows what evinl things they had you do in that 30 minutes...

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hehe. well yeah i think xenia just goes through stages where they need to hang loose and shed. mines not doing too hott right now but ill see how they are in a few days i think they will be back in buisness. i just wish mine would grow a bit faster. mine isnt on of them reallllllllyfast growers for some reason, i need put some into rubble and let it spread.

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