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Is it more than ich?


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My fish have an obvious case of ICH. I have been using a UV sterilizer plus soaking their food in Garlic X-treme. My Kole tang seems really crappy. He stays in one corner, his repiration seems HIGH, he has faded greatly in color and just looks sick. Could it be somethign more? Should I try a freshwater bath?

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How long has your tank been up and running? How long have the fish been in the tank. What are your water params? We need more info in order to help.

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3 weeks


38 gallon

nitrates 0

nitrites 0

pH 8.3



The fish have been in there two weeks.

He's started swimming around which is an improvment from before but he wasn't scavenging for food. At least he's started to swim some more and his repiration seems to have gone down slightly.

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The Kole has perished as of this evening. I took a picturwe in hopes someone could come up with an answer. He got really blotchy white and lost all of his color. It was strange. I haven't seen any other dead fish lose color like he did.

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Your tank has only been running three weeks? At what point did you add the fish? Did you check your ammonia level? I see you have no trites or trates, but you need to check ammonia as well. Also what is your SG?

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I'll forever be haunted by the yellow eye staring up at me. the fish looked to be relatively spot free. Ich is usually evident by the little white spots that sprout up on the fish. This one just looks like it lost color, which could be a result of it being dead. I'm going to have to guess it was something other than ich that did the kole in.


check the ammonia, as caja has said. three weeks is a bit fast to drop a fish in. the fish might have just been stressed and died. I'm voting no on the ich issue.

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