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Setup! Ok?????


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I have a 12 gallon nano cube made by JBJ. it has a 24 watt 50/50 bulb in it and a wetdry fiter system. minus the bio balls.

3 margarita snails

2 hermitcrabs (baby)

1 false percula

15 lbs of live sand

11 lbs of live rock

ne thing that will be help ful to me and my tank let me know!

one more question!!!

can i add corals? or will that increase the bioload to quick since i got the crabs and the snails and the clown yesterday

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I would recommend more Live Rock. At least 1.5x the gallonage of the tank. Don't add uncured LR to the system now though since you already have some livestock.


I would follow LadyDragon's advice and wait for a few weeks to make sure all the water parameters are stable.


Also, with the amount of wattage in your hood, you should stick to low/med light softies...mushrooms, ricordea, etc.


Hope that helps.


Good luck!

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so, can i get ne botton polyps with my lights? can you tell me what i could get and what i cant?

ne info helps a NEWBIE!

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I think you would be safe with:





And you could probably even swing bubble coral or frogspawn as long as you feed them some and don't expect huge growth.


You could also get a Sun Coral since it needs no light at all. But, it requires feeding it manually at least 3x a week.


Hope that helps. I am sure some of the other people on this board have many more suggestions.

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Just set up a Nano Cube yesterday -- ~20 lbs. LR, 12lbs. LS. Tell me more about why you eliminated the bio balls. And how you crafted a surface skimmer.



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the bio balls are known to get nitrates / nitires way up where you dont want them, the skimmer has failed me and is not working oh well! try try again!

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