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Palmettoreef.com? Never get returned emails.


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This should probably be in the vendor section, but I wanted it to get a bit more press.


I emailed them about a month to month and a half ago about getting some lr and sand. I never got a response, so I had to buy the local junk. That evening I got an email from Daren, apoligizing for the delay and I email back, saying well I still need a few pounds of lr and ls. I never got a return mail.



I emailed them yesterday about getting 20pounds of live rock and 20pounds of live sand, and as og now I still havent received a reply. I really liked their Kaelini lr, though expensive, I think I will now go with gulf-view's coral cluster rock. I just want the highest quality rock for my new tank, I'm not worried about the price.


Anybody know what gives?




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That doesn't make any sense as Darren has provided me some of the best customer service on the planet. I would go to reef-central and post your question in their own sponsor forum. I guarantee you there is good reason for the problems.



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he's probably really busy. his site shows that he is setting up a big sps section so he might be unavailable. I picked up some corals from him a few weeks ago and the order went smoothly. He replaced on item with a similar coral as he was sold out and he threw in a free monti cap to make up for the difference.


My only bad thing was the tonga branch covered with shrooms lost all the shrooms in shipping (not his fault) and they all drifted to the back of my tank. (not his fault).

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Hi All, Im new here, but wanted to jump in.. about a week ago i ordered via e-mail 20lbs of live rock/sand from Palmettoreef.com, and was very very pleased with there service. My rock had all types of life on it from dusters to worms to a couple of snails.. As was said before they are very hands on with customer service.

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