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Coral Vue Hydros

funny ebay sale


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LOL...I saw that the other day...kinda wanted to email him and ask him what planet he came from..lol. That coral is as dead as it gets. I really liked the phrase...already cured!!!!

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I just went to a locla LFS, and they had on a tank some "miscellaneous corals" for sale (30 bucks). They were all dead skeletons. FlyGTI, JdSabin1, and Seabass, you may want to check it out, its that horrible place on 86th streen near I235.

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Chufa, I've come to expect that from that particular vendor. I wrote a bit of a rant to Jeff about him just about the same time I bought the cleaner shrimp from him. Ask Jeff to forward it to you if you're interested. He might still have it.

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That's exactly what I did, and this is his response:


Question-" I am trying to figure out how the pictured rock is live and already cured. Could you explain this to me".


Answer frm DavidOT-"Well forgive some of the terminology apparently I'm incorrect but the rock was in my saltwater tank that I knocked down about three months ago it was bleached then rinsed a few times then soaked in fresh water to make sure there was no reminants of the bleach. So I guess I should call it clean rock and assorted corals".


So he either posted it as live to sucker some poor, clueless and eager reefer or he had some type of revelation and realized that his white as snow rock was in fact not so live.


Go figure.

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