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How to pack corals for shipping?

C Jerome

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With everyone shipping corals this time of year, I want to know how they should be packed, or if any one has any tips or tricks they uses each time they pack something up.

I have a candy cane that I just fraged and i want to trade the frag but I will prob. need to ship it, so I need to know how to pack it up. Let me know


C. Jerome

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Thanks, I did a search of the forum but did not realize there was an article about it. So, for my candy candy can i will want to attach some styrofoam to the stony end of the coral and then float it in the bag? What happens when the box gets turned 'upside down in shipping?

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It will be fine as long as you keep the styrofoam it's mounted to small enough that the bag doesn't restrict it's movement. If the box is turned upside down then it should just flop over from being top heavy.

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