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Cultivated Reef

anything wrong with my setup so far?


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hi everyone,


Just wanted to double check if I'm missing anything for my setup.



10 gallon tank with egg crate cover

one Power Head 201

10lbs live sand

15lbs live rock

two compact flourescents with one marino glo tube

marine salt ready (w/ hydrometer)

RO water (from LFS)


Now, here are my fish/coral stock combination (not purchased yet):


Green Hairy Mushrooms


Fuzzy Finger Leather


Xenia (not sure which one: Red Sea Xenia OR Pulsing Xenia elongata)


Clown fish

Firefish (looking for...)

Blood shrimp (or cleaner)





I went against Green Frogspawn and Tan Hammers because I thought it might damage my other corals. Are my coral selection okay? Any other types of corals should I add (later)? And my fish selection okay?


I also thought about the red cauliflower coral but I doubt I can get my hands on it OR if it'll thrive happily with others in the tank.

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I have a green frogspawn in my tank and it does fine with the zoos, mushrooms, and xenia. Just have to make sure it has its own space. With a 10 gallon tank that shouldn't be too hard as long as you get a small one to start with.

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