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Whitest sand?


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I am switching out the cc in my tank to a sand bed. I want very white sand. I've looked at 5lb bags of pure white silica at the LFS for $5, as well as bags of $$$ LS, and aragonite.


What should I get? I dislike cc in my tank. :

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Okay, thanks for the tips.


I was also wondering if using silica vs/ aragonite or LS will have any affect on my tank? Everyone always talks about having pods, but I never see them at night. Maybe this is why I have an algae problem.


Ah well.



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CarbibSea Aragamax "oolitic" sand is very white, but very "dusty" as well.


I'd use aragonite, since it has the extra benefit of being able to "automatically" buffer your tank somewhat. When the ph drops too much, aragonite will dissolve and increase the ph to a "natural" ph.


I hardly see pods too. At one time, my tank was crawling with them. Either I'm not looking hard enough, or they are hiding better (I added oolitic sand, so maybe they hide better?) But in general they seem to live in the rock.


The pods don't seem to do much to a tankful of algae. I suggest sticking in some trochus snails (tiger trochus if you can find them!) and some small blue leg hermits. Astraea's are OK, but small and slow. Mexican turbo snails are like lawnmowers .. at least on the glass! But they are big (golfball) and can't fit everywhere.



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Cool. Well, I am on my way out to pickup some sand, and a large tub to do this transformation. Hopefully everything will turn out a-okay.


I guess I need some pantyhose as well to put my cc in to seed the new sand. I think i'll let my gf pick that up :blush:


Thanks for the advice.

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