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My torch just killed my cleaner shrimp


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This morning I was taking a pH reading just before lights went on and I saw my cleaner shrimp swimming around near my torch coral. Well, a few moments later, it was dead, the torch tentacles wrapped all around it! I wonder if that was what made my previous cleaner dissapear. I am not keeping thsese guys anymore, too expensive snacks for the torch!


I have noticed my shromp being too blod at trying to steal food from the torch before, and gettiing a few tentacles stuck on him. But somehow, this morning, even with the torch not being fully extended (lights just went on), the torch got him. :(

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I've kept a Torch and Cleaner for months and had no problems, but I never fed my Torch. Maybe the shrimp shouldn't be given the opportunity to steal anything? They are sneaky little bastards, they'll take whatever they can.

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