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Quick Southdown Question


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Sorry for another Southdown thread, but I picked up some at Home Depot over the weekend and a "Not recommended for aquarium use" warning on the bottom... is this the right stuff? Can I use it?

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i thought they put that 'warning' on that 50# bag so people go and buy the more expensive 20# bags the same company packages for the aquarium trade. : (legal disclaimer: at least that's what i've heard, i could be incorrect, draw your own conclusions, damn lawyers!)

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I think they put that there once they got wind of the fact that we (the Hobbists, or "Shirefolk" as we prefer to be called) were using it in our tanks instead of the expensive stuff that LFS sell us and who buy it from THEM at a markup in the first place!


ie; If I sold Macy's fine silver forks for $10, which the sell to you for $20, then I don't want you buying the fork I've been selling to Walmart for $2...


Now, that's my theory anyway....


Hey, it's frickin sand! Just count your lucky stars you can get it! We Shirefolk on the west coast can't get it unless we order it by the pallet and it then costs $20 for 50 lbs, which is still better than $50 for 50 lbs, but not as good as the 5 buck you probably paid for yours!!




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