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What hang on fuge do you use for your 7gal?


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Crakeur, what do you use now? Why did you move your cpr? I was considering getting one on mine and changing up from the ac300 I have been using.

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creative concepts

Hello, I am creative concepts and I make custom fuges for very large down to the smallest of nano's. I just need your dimensions. My fuges are hang-on and have built in adjustable overflow boxes, u-tubes & return spouts! All you will need is your pump (Rio 600 or Rio 800) and your light fixture! I have pictures! Just email me at www.touchofjeff@aol.com Thanks!

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I had been using the smallest CPR aquafuge on my minibow - am switching over to a larger DIY fuge for a little more water volume and space to fiddle with macros.

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I have a 5 gal Minibow, the smallest ready to use aquafug from Foster & Smith is 12 inches, will it be too big for a 5 gal. If I add it at a later time, will it be fine? Another problem for me is I can't find any LFS that sell Macro Algae in NY yet.

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