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Does anyone else from a non-tropical coast location use what they find at the beach?


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I was at the beach last weekend here in Jersey and after noticing all of the macro algae washing in on the waves, I instructed my children to gather as many different kinds as they could. After disposing of the algaes I did not want, I threw a few into a bucket for the home tanks. I also dug up several sand crabs (one for each tank). Well the crabs are doing a good job of stirring up the sand and the 3 types of macro are doing fine in the tank. I figured that the difference in water temperature would prove fatal to the algae but they are doing fine. I will attach a couple pictures of the algae to follow. This stuff washes up by the bucket load so I may bring a bunch home to send out to people the next time down if there is a demand.


Just wanted to know how many people keep stuff from their local beaches?


The first picture shows a nice red macro that is my favorite. Just below it, is a pinkish thinner macro that looks too much like hair algae to me and will most likely be removed.

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This is very similar to the red kind in the first pic but is browner in color, actually maroonish brown. I have them all in my 2.5 and the smallest sand crab as well, and am very happy with the freebies from the beach. I can't wait until this weekend to look for more goodies. The water has been an amazing clear aqua blue here lately and VERY clean. I am once again contemplating collecting the water for water changes.

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"OMG you put the weed of death in your tank"...j/k!


Really like that first red macro, hope it does ok! You should email a pic to someone at Scripps, UC Davis, or Woodshole to see if they can ID it?

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That first macro has a really nice color to it, and I like the texture of the second macro. Keep us posted on how well they do in the tank over time. I'm wondering about the temp difference too.

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funny, I was putting a leafy green macro in my 180 yesterday. Taken from the Hamptons. The old man went fishing with his grandson over the weekend and they pulled up some seaweed and found crabs and snails on it so they bagged it and I put it in the 180 and his 72. The tangs went to town on it but there is still some left.

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Pick up any hypo needles @ the NJ shore to put in there?? haha


I had some of the dainty stuff in my 7 gal. Ended up paling out and eventually I yanked it in case it went sexual.

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