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Working in the Caribbean


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So here I am, summer internship building telephony/LAN ready homes in the caribbean. I do alotta manual labor stuff. I went snorkeling for the first time, aparently, the island I am on (St. Kitts) has virtually untouched reefs. So Now I am left to wonder, should I try to bring anything back to texas? Im gonna start my tank when I get back.


i prolly cant bring back any livestock or nothing, that crap is illegal harvesting anyways. But I was thinking more along the lines of some rock from the ocean? like a piece far away from the actual reef with just hair algae on it. Do I wanna get some sand? I work with a lot of concrete, I have read some people using concrete instead of LR, good idea?


Ive also found some nice baby conch shells and some dead coral on the beach, can I use as decorations? I dunno to make the sand look less bland, cause i prolly wont be bustin out livestock other than fish, cause I have got some planned moves coming up. As far as buying stuff here, um no? lights here are 400 bux for some 32 watt pc's


So yeah my main questions were sand and rock from the sea? and concrete instead of LR? dead coral and shells? You guys got any other ideas I mite get from out here. Im building a lil DIY hood and stand with all this plenty wood. this all for a 10g tank. Its not like Im trying to pinch pennies here, just wondering, thought it would be cool to have something from the sea. I dont wanna be doing nothing illegal or anything to be harming reefs. Thanks in advance for all of your inputs, ill get back on the forum in the mornin


Andre the Chaff

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When I went to Puerto Rico, I brought a bunch of shells and coral skeletons with no problem. You prolly don't want to bring any live specimens, though.

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I would be very careful taking things out of the water. Get caught and end up in a carribean prison. Wait, how bad can that be? Sit tight, I'm flying down to help loot the reef.

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Well, whatever you do, have fun. I'd like to be there out of this Texas humid heat. I'd bring back some rock as a momento.


Okay, back to sitting under the fan.

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I was in St. Thomas and Cozumel this summer and I thought the same thing...what could I bring back? What could be cooler than collecting your own stuff? I'm glad I didn't when the customs agent asked me pointed questions on the way back....my advice: snorkel! Go on a guided snorkel tour. Saw some amazing stuff...

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the canadian border guards were meticulous when it came to people importing any sort of sealife (including empty shells). If they're in any sort of doubt as to whether it is legal or not, you can be detained.

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