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caught the little bastage


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well i finally got the last myster crab out of my tank. turns out they were sally light foots. 3 in all. they got freakin HUGE. the last one i caught with the coke bottle crab trap. worked like a charm. i had him caught in a glass. but he just kcicked as hard as he could until he got over the edge.


although they don't look like sally light foots and they seem to be way more agressive than what i was told. but my lfs gave swaped me a anenome crab for him.


i think i shall call him Edward Filter Hands.......


side note: they last myster crab killed two of her hermits by the end of the day. now she is trying to get him out of her tank. HAHAHAHAHA! :D :D :D :D

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You going to keep the mantis when you catch him. A lot of folks would take him off your hands vice the whorling vortex of death.


What color is the mantis by the way?

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I have never got a full body shot of him. The fawker is always peeking at me from behind rocks. The only time I can see catching him is when I move the tank which wont be for another few months :)

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