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Refuge Idea


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Hey Guys,


I am scetching an idea for a fuge out in my head. I am jsut wondering what you would think of using a power filter (I have an extra Whisper 5-15) and drilling a hole in the bottom of it, then connecting a hose that would feed the water down to the fuge. Then using a pump to pump it back in. In theory this should work, and also, if the electricity fails, it will not allow the water to overflow, because the only amount of water that would be moved would be the water in the hob.



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Not true, the water would continue to be syphoned by the HOB pump until the water in the tank reaches the bottom of the intake pipe. Even if you were to shorten the intake pipe to a very high level, that means that every time the power goes out...and then comes back on you willl have a dry running HOB. I've heard of some others trying to do the same, but trying to get the levels in the fuge and the main tank to even out will be near impossible...and the tendency for an overflow on one end or the other very great. Besides, why use two pumps to do what one can do? Just use an overflow, and eliminate all problems.

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I disagree, you make a surface skimmer with your tubes for the HOB, and the connector should be tubeing that can slide to adjust the height. Put a plastic valve on the HOB tubing to adjust flow. Then equalize the flow with the valve. When the power goes out, there won't be a siphon, and if there is it will stop on the surface. The power comes back on and the refuge pump will pump the water back up to the surface. I am using this system and have tested a power out situation, no problems.

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