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Lighting advice ....


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I have one of the CSL fixtures with the built in moonlites.. I am hooking each of the three lights for seperate timers. Could someone give me some advice on what time lenghts to use each and what order to turn them on/off... Thanks.

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Whats the watage? For dawn to dusk effect I would space them out by about an hour - 1/2 hour. with the moon lights being the first on and the last off.

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Do you like the Custom SeaLife with built in moonlights? I am wavering between that model or the CoraLife Aqualight. Both units are 24" and have 2 65 watt bulbs and I believe both are fan cooled. The main difference is that the CSL has the moonlights. Also, the CoraLife Aqualight is cheaper - I can get it for about $120 versus $145 for the CSL - but if it is a better brand I would go for it - does anyone have any opinions? Thanks.


p.s. It will be going on a 25 gallon with fish, liverock and hopefully some soft corals.

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