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My new Eclipse System 3


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Set up:


Eclipse System 3 bow front


Tronic 50 watt heater


Profile 601 Powerhead


5 or 6 pounds of live rock im not quite sure


and maybe about 2 pounds of live sand


ive also installed a small laptop fan to cool the water in the tank

no coral or fish as of yet im still waiting for my tank to cycle. I am Planing to upgrade my lighting in a few days with two 13 watt FL Fixtures from HelloLights.

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Here is a pic of my cooling fan, it blows down on the filter so that all the water that passes under it is cooled.

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Nice setup. The liverock looks good. Does it have nooks and crannys where things can hide? If you ever get hermits or a shrimp they will look for a place to hide especially when molting.


One thing you can do is to take a hammer to the rock and break it up into smaller pieces that you can stack up making ledges and hiding spots.


My only other comment is that reading through all the posts that I can find about running a nano on the Eclipse 3G is to ditch the biowheel. All you need is the LR and LS. The biowheel has been deemed to be a Nitrate factory.


I love the holes in the cover for the fan. Did you make up a grid and drill it yourself? Looks super professional.

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I just took out the bio weel, thanks for the advice Caius. Yeah i drilled the the holes myself using a pattern that i got from my Mac. The fan works great it lowers the temp about 4 degrees at its highest speed. What sort of shrimp would you recomend for my tank

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jrlim, its very simple all you need is is to find a fan that runs on a 12 volt DC current (most all PC fans do) you also need a 120v AC to 12v DC adaptor. AC to DC adaptors are prety easy to find, you may already have one. If you have an old cordless phone or anything that uses an external power adaptor you can use that just be sure that it has an output current of 12 volts.


Here is a pic of the one i used:

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next you neet to cut the connectors and remove the plastic insulation off of the fan and the adaptor wires. Twist the black wire of the fan to the wire that has a white stripe on the adaptor and twist the red fan wire to the solid colored wire on the adaptor. Next you may want to solder them together or just put little caps on them and them fill the caps with hot glue just incase water was to get into them. I used solder then i hot glued the wires for insulation.


Here is a pic:

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And i think that should cover it, let me know if you need any more help of if you want to know how to put a speed control on the fan just let me know and i would be happy to help out

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I kind of like the big chunk of rock in there. Personally I'd take out the smaller peice so you have room to stuff it full of softies.

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Christian, jrlim...another thing you can do is to go to your local Radio Shack and get a potentiometer (aka variable resistor, volume control) and put it inline with one of the wires and presto you can controll the voltage (and therefore the speed) of the fan.


Again, Christian, nice setup. Looks really good.


In regards to shrimp, you quite a choice. Here are some possibilities.




I love the look of the blood red fire shrimp and the skunk cleaner shrimps. With that said, I personally went with one peppermint shrimp simply because I was told that they don't get too big. Mine's molted once (and I can tell that a second molt is coming up soon) and he's gotten bigger. So, so much for that theory. If he ever does pass on (hopefully not) I'll probably go with a small version of one of the other kinds.

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Hey my 1st fish a sailfin tang, I know I know tangs are no no's for nano reefs but as soon as he gets a little biger im going to put him in the 100 gal comunity tank down stairs or i may just decide to get a much larger tank for my room.


Here is a pic:

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Is that a 3 gallon? There are lots of other Tiny powerheads you may want to consider That profile takes up a lot of space it seems.


I love the tank, though. Show us your your DIY light Handy work when you are done.

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yeah i does take up alot of space but im going to get a 50g tank in the next few days so i will have a use for it then as for the sailfin he to is going in the 50g as soon as i get it. He is doing fine ive had him for about 2 days and he doesnt pace around in the aquarium he seems prety happy just grasing on the alge.

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Earlier today I wrote the following about my peppermint shrimp.

If he ever does pass on (hopefully not) I'll probably go with a small version of one of the other kinds.


Guess I shouldn't have tempted fate.


I came home today to find my shrimp dead on it's side. The cause was a malfunctioning heater that raised the water temperature to 96ºF!


Luckily, the clown, hermits and Astrea snail survived.


Damn heater!

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Oh man that sux, im sorry. I hate when things like that happen, just the other day I was telling my friends how i have never gotten a speeding ticket, next day I get a $75 dollar ticket and my own seat in a defensive driving class. Anyway that realy sux im sorry for your loss but hey now you can get those new shrimp, I guess that is one way to look at it, i think ???

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Another Eclipse 3 Nano starting this weekend... just finished work on the hood.


For the lighting I purchased 1x13W 50/50 from hellolights and rigged the fixture with parts from an old desk lamp, aluminum flashing, and some T-12 Plastic Sheath (to protect from cond/splash).

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That looks very nice!


I'm gonna work on my lighting today, looks like I'm going to have to come up with something really slick looking to compete with you guys :)

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Were do you get that T-12 plastic sheath for the lights, in regards to your fan, do you have the fan blowing air out of the hood or blowing air into the hood ??



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I got the plastic sheath from Home Depot, but I'm sure it's available at any hardware store next to the fluorescent bulbs. I have the fan blowing out - I'll try it this way first... should work as a heat exhaust.


Hope that helps.

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oh and if you do put a fan in you should try and position it half an inch away from the top of the hood this should allow better circulation. I tried attaching the fan directly to the hood but it couldnt pull in enough air from being so close to the hood and from such small vent holes and regardless of how many holes there were. I hope this helps


here is a pic:

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Oh and Msf, great job on your light, I really like it!

I was planing on doing mine today but i think im just going to go and buy a larger aquarium, probably a 30 gallon Eclipse system.

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