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Does anyone know Petsupplyliquidators phone number? I have tried to no avail getting in touch with them via email. I am not very happy at this point and any information you could offer would greatly be appreciated!


Thank you!

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i believe bruce from petsupplyliquidators has terminated its business with catalina aquariums..

but, you can easily contact catalina aquarium for a list of dealers around your area. (916) 381 -3551 /admin@catalinaaquarium.com

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Yeah, thats fine - but I bought a bulb from PSL that worked once. They need to rectify this problem for me in a timely fashion. So far, 2 weeks and counting.

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Just got off the phone with Catalina. If they aren't the rudest people I have ever met!


PSL is obviously busy because they are telling me they are shipping out alot of stuff to them daily. They also won't give me their number. However, they did offer me to email them with my concearn.


Blah. Nobody has PSL's phone number??

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I donot know what there # is, but I can tell you that they have an Ebay store. I have dealt with them myself,and they have a link to there web site + they have the same email address. Maybe you could get a response out of them through one of there auctions by not telling them who you are and get there #!

Here is there user name on Ebay.... aquarium lights. Here is a quick link to there store, http://members.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.d...age&id=27756817

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