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Acoustic's ALIFE Reef - July Edition


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I usually post an update of my tank with full tank shots about this time of the month. I also included a 4 month progression this time.

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Front shot. I am not happy with the way my tank is turning out. I am going to sell it within the year because I am going away to Maui for 2 weeks. If anyone is interested let me know.

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Why do the pictures that are posted get darkened a little once they are on the page? That last one looks like crap now.

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Sorry for the crap pictures this time. Next time I will lighten them up before I post!


Here is my 4 month progression. My tank actually started in DEC 2002 but I got my camera in April.

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What part of your tank are you unhappy with, and algea problem mentioned above, or the setup (meaning equipment etc.)? Just curious. The pics aren't as bad as you think IMO.

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I guess it's just retrospective regret.


-I really wish I could slam a skimmer on it to clean up the water.


-It's impossible to add any more equiptment at this point. I have so many wires and plug ins it makes me sick.


-I can't upgrade the lighting because the tank is only 12 inches wide.


- I would have bought completely different livestock had I known what it would grow to look like under these conditions.

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