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Cultivated Reef

skimmer and refugium


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first off are you talking about a surface skimmer or a protien skimmer? i have an aq500 for a fuge with no surface skimmer. although i have one made. as for a p/s there is no need for one as long as you have good lr/ls and do frequent water changes.

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I did the 7 with just a fuge and the 26 has both a fuge and a skimmer. I have no algae (knock knock knock on wood) in the 26 but I don't think the skimmer is the reason.


When I take my vacation I might run the tank without the skimmer if I have electrical issues so I might be able to tell you that the skimmer is helpful.

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Is that the 18" Variety? How Much water does it hold. I am planning an 18H to replace my 3g. I need a Fuge, but I have nothing above or below to place it.

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