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Moose's 20H


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Here ya go. Far from perfect, even farther from done. :)



20H All-Glass

3-4" Sand Bed

37lbs of Fiji, Eva, and Marshall LR

Rio 90 PH

AC 402 PH

AC 300 HOB w/carbon 1 week/month

2 x 55W PC fixture



Purple Montipora Digitata

Acropora Millepora

Leather Frag(sarcophytum i think too small to tell)


Hitchiker Button Polyps



2 TR False Percs

1 Bicolor Blenny

2 Peppermint Shrimp

1 Skunk Cleaner

Asst. snails and hermits



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i can't find any pics of the leather since i last moved the rocks around ;) need to keep my damn hands out of the tank. Once I find one I'll post it as well. I admit it is still pretty empty (of coral), but right now so is my wallet as my sig indicates.



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And moose was a nickname i got from throwing shotput in high school, carried over into college, still with me today :) what does it mean for OC?

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Orange Crush

nice. I love the dimensions of the 20H. I have a Fo that i'd like to convert someday (hopefully sooner rather than later.)


Funny how I was attracted to this thread by your username.


Two words of advice: Don't listen to anything Mnes says (;)) and watch out for The Moose


The Moose is the brown one:


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so thats the Moose. :) Awesome! Is he a mastiff? I grew up around german sheperds, love big dogs.


And yes the dimensions of the 20H are great, I'm looking forward to filling it out.

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