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Flood Ahead! Watch For Rising Water's!!!!!


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I came home today to find my entire 10 gallon water top of system for my 29 gallon all over the floor!!!!!!!

No not the way you are thinking either! It didnt back siphon.

A snail got on the damn float and made it stick down in the "on" position in the main tank sending all of the top off water from the ten into the main flooding over the sides! I mean damn I know he wanted that algae but did he realy ave to stay their all f'n day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I have my pump on the lowest setting as well as running through a lengthy peice of hose so I know he had to stay on it for more then an hour!!!)

I have since fixed this problem by taking a clear plastic beta cup, cutting slots in the side's and one horizontaly to fit the tank trim/rim. It fits snug as a bug in a rug too! I will post a pic of it one I get back from TENN. next friday evening.

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