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Anti-Tetra Equipment Decision


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I moved the frogs that used to reside in the 30g that sits in the stand under my main tank. I was planning on making it a Damsel tank, Dominos, Blues, Yellow Tails, all the nasty dudes that look cool but terrorize everything. I was going to use a Whisper Filter, but as I was about to buy it realize it's a Tetra Product. I am not going to be using any Tetra Products, for a while at least, due to the Finding Nemo stunt. I was thinking about a Emperor or Penguin Biowheel, (still trying to figure out the difference,) but I pulled the biowheel from my Main tank, so whats the point. Basic plan is about 15-20 lbs dead rock, seeded with LR from the main tank, Southdown, about an inch or so, two small PHs, and two NO lights. Any suggestions as to a good power filter, and does it matter that much?



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