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small surface skimmer box?


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Originally posted by wetworx101

No, the boxes are usually only 1.5" front to back...I havent seen a powerhead that would fit in it, but maybe those aquaglobes would work.  


yes they do ;) I just checked at a local store where they have tose display boxes.


I had to explain what I was doing, and you shoulda seen the perpelexed look i got back from the sales rep.

It was kinda like this : ???


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you dont. in the last photo the blue fitting is the bulkhead that you drill a hole for in the side of your tank about two to three inches from the surface. You could hang one, but then I would carve up the display box in a different way so that a higher lip was left on the back side. this lip could have a couple 1/4" holes drilled into it and attached to an HOB box with a couple nylon bolts then.

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Where have the pictures gone? I think I understand how it is made but it would be great to see the pictures of it :'(

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