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What are the required supplements I should put in my tank for these corals:





Yellow polyps


Button Polyps


They will be put in a 4 gallon tank. I might get a Candy cane coral in the future.

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Those don't require any supplements, they'll be just fine on their own. If you want you can add Marc Weiss Coral Vital for growth and reproduction, but you don't really need anything for those corals.


If you add a candy cane, you should start dosing some sort of calcium supplement. I recommend a two part supplement such as b-ionic, c-balance, or Kent Tech AB (not as good but cheaper).

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Hmmm...Marc Weiss products=snake oils. Then again....I've always been a big fan of dosing...since I'm a bit lax on the old waterchanges. I dose B-Ionic Calcium/buffer system (as do many on here), Strontium, Iodine, Coral-Accel, and DT's Phytoplankton. Strontium is one of the substances used by corals in skeletal deposition..although I may stop as Borneman has suggested that Strontium may in fact hinder the deposition of calcium in acroporids..but anyway. Iodine is one of those weird sort of "nobody knows why" supplements...it has anecdotally been said to help octocorals (softies), but no real proof exists. Still I dose it...but thats because..as I said before..I'm dose crazy. The Coral-Accel may very well be a snake oil..but I think I have seen some better growth with it (again..could all be in my mind..dunno) and the DT's is a great source of food for some corals and a better source of food for the zooplankton that the other corals like to munch on.


Thats about it..

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first off, if you do weekly water changes, you shouldn't need to dose anything. Second, the corals you are keeping are not big calcium depleters and you shouldn't need to dose b-ionic or c balance or any of the calcium products out there.


Do a 10-15% water change each week and you can be dose free.


One thing you might want to consider would be iodine, but, if your xenia are open, fluffy and growing, don't bother with it as iodine can be overdosed.


While I don't follow my own suggestions, I firmly believe that a weekly water change is far better than dosing all the chems. Adding the many different chems and elixirs can only lead to mistakes and overdosing. If you have a stony coral heavy tank, or you keep lots of clams, you would need to dose calcium.

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like stated above..

those type of corals need iodine to develop


esv reef solutions will be something you might want to look into..

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