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Maximum amount of Anemones in a 15 gallon tank?


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Originally posted by Crakeur




that goes for 29gal, 55gal, 75gal, 90gal, 125gal, 180gal, 240gal, 500gal, 1000gal as well! Anemones should be left in Fiji where they'll actually thrive and stay ALIVE!


(Don't bother flaming, anybody... just my opinion on the matter:ermm: )

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I don't think that they should be avoided in larger tanks as much as in the smaller ones. Personally, I avoid them but in a large tank they generally can't cause as many problems as they can in a smaller one. However, you won't see them in any tanks of mine, no matter what the size.

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not to long ago we were all told you can't do that in a tank that small. well guess what we're all doing it now.


so with that said, yes sernger, you can keep one anenome in a 15 gallon tank. (it may be possible to keep more but i have never heard of it unless the second one was a clone) it will be very difficult and not something to take lightly but it can be done and it has been done before. it just takes more planning and dedication to keep a creature such as an anenome happy and healthy. here's a few guide lines to follow that nano reefers have found out so far.


1) much light. get more than you think you should have.... then add some more.


2) your tank needs to be at least 6 months old. this is to avoid any fluxuations which happen in a new tank. the more seasoned (older) your tanks is the better off you will be. the minimun is 6 months. you water quality needs to be emiculate and stable. anenomes are very delicate.


3) you will want you anenome to be the first coral you add. this is becuase the can walk all over the tank and sting other corals. just wait until you anenome has found it's spot and is happy there brfoe you add any other corals. (i'd reccomend keep the anenome by itself for the first month or so, that it is in the tank to be sure it won't move agian.


4) you have to feed you anenome. wait few days after you put him in your tank he will most likely be slightly bleached form the trip to the lfs and then to your house. i;d wait until his color starts to come back.


5) don't buy the pretty white one! he's bleached. ie. expelled all of his alge not a good thing. try and get the one with the most color, that is stuck to a rock and fully opened. either remove him from that rock or take the rock to, but don;t let the lfs employee take him off. the may be a little rough with him.


6) research before you buy. than research some more. ask may questions. expect to get flamed, but take everyone's advice in to account when making your decision. most of it will be good solid advice drawn from past experiences.


7) try a condy or a bta. for your first anenome. if you can keep it alive then you might want to try another. condy's and bta seem to be the hardiest anenomes.


8) no clown fish! if the reason you want an anenome is to have the whole clownfish anenome thing then you need to stick to watching nemo. ;)


for real though clown fish are for the most part tank raised now days so their hosting instinct has been almost forgotten. somethies they will host but they will host in shrooms and powerheads, hair alge, heaters. ect they don't need an anenome to host. beside that they can unknowingly kill the anenome by beating it to death. this is especially likely to happen if the anenome is new to your tank and isn't doing so hot. if you want to try the anenome clown thing then wait for a couple of months after you get you anenome to make sure it's healthy and dooing good. this would make it much more likely that your clown would host in the anenome with out harming it.



hope this helps. i am by no means an expert but this is what i have found in doing my research. there are quite a few good threads on this forum and a whole sections at reef central dedicated to this subject so search away! B)

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Originally posted by westkyracer

Buy a fake one they last longer!!!!




Not only that but they are GREAT hosts for clowns, i have seen this fisrst hand at epcot center disneyworld in the living seas exibit they have a large cylincder shaped tank that had many many fake plastic anemones about 4 inches in diameter that host approximatly 13 clownfish from what i counted. way cool and the anemones looked very real!

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Flower anemones are neat, too, but do not host clowns. I have one in a 65 gal tank and bought anemone shrimp that flocked right to it.


Tres cool.

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if you have any more questions just pm me. i may be able to answer them. also absloutec keeps a few bta and has had for a while. you might try pm'ing him. there are quite a few nanoreefers that have kept anenomes in their nano or their bigger tanks or both. just look aroung at the old threads to see who. or you might try to post a poll.

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Just added my first anemone to my 15 gal nano reef. Also have a Xenia coral, green galaxea, skunk shrimp, and 2 clowns in mine. Everything is fine, in fact my anemone was so happy it split so now I have two! I have to admit I got pretty scared that it was spitting out of streets but now they have both been alive for 2 weeks and look happy. My only advice is stay on top of monitoring nutrients and waste, I test mine daily and add coral nutrients and calcium daily. 

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