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40g to a 10g?


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I really have no space in my room for my 40g its just not happening with the space that i have, i was planning on transfering my stuff into a 10 gallon, i know that sticking with the 40g is the best idea but a smaller tank would be ideal for me, i would be running a float switch for evaporation and im running a 175MH, any advice or opinions? thanks btw i have SPS corals in my tank no softies, i know how demanding they are with water chemistry...

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get the 15H, same footprint as the 10g but the height of a big tank. you've got mh's so the light penetration won't be an issue and the aquascaping can be more impressive on average imo.

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well im going to have to go with the 10 gallon considering i already have a spare one and i dont really wanna buy another tank, how demanding will this 10 gallon be to my time in taking care of it? and how should i go about trasfering what i have in my 40 to the 10?

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i would say it's (nanos) less time than larger tanks but with less margin of error. so it's less 'time' but more scrutiny. (heh, i made joke there :P scru-tiny, heh, i'm just punchy now)


i'd do a wc on the 40g and use that 'old' water to startup the new tank. then transfer the LR piece by piece. you shouldn't run into any cycle (other than diatoms) and the shock/change to the livestock should be negligible.


the only thing you'd have to keep in eye on is the light shock/change. you have to plan out the proportionality of the light intensity/amount from the 40g to the 10g. that will be you biggest challenge imo.

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Open top or no open top.

Just letting you know you can probably get a 15H for like 20.00$. I would say it would be worth the money. Another thing you must watch is now that you have a much smaller water volume your calcium levels will drop much more quickly.

HTH and good luck


BTW You could use the 10 as a sump/fuge if you go for a 15.

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