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Sump/fuge Plumbing Basics?


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Right now I have a 10g nano and I want to turn it into a fuge for a large tank I want to set up. Can someone explain to me the basics of how the plumbing would work?


So I drill the larger tank and gravity takes the water into the fuge. I then have a pump to take the water back correct? What type of pump do most people use? Is there a way to prevent overflow if the pump fails?

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You have the concept down basically. Gravity down, pump up. To keep the system from overflowing, the path down, would be above water if the electricity or pump should fail.


Basically, it needs to be 1 inch below the surface of the water.

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what if you dont have the option of drilling the tank. i have a 20H right now and am thinking of using my 10gallon as a sump/fudge. what is the best way to plumb such setup? a tube to siphon the water down then pump back up? if power goes out, then the pump would continue to pump up w/ no water coming down. how do i solve this problem? thanks

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also, the pods thats suppose to feed the main tank, how will it get up to the main tank if the fudge if sitting below it? does it get sucked into teh pump then pump up to teh main tank? wouldn't the pump kill the pods? thanks again.

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pods can survive a ride through a pump, although it's better to gravity geed the fuge back into the tank.


you can get a check valve for the return line to stop a reverse siphon when the pump shuts off. if your tank is drilled make an overflow box so only a small amount of water will flow into the sump if the pump fails. Also, you can use a float switch in the return area of the sump to turn off the return pump if the water level drops to much, as you also want to prevent overflowing the main tank if the overflow stops for some reason.



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