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Coral Vue Hydros

I've got Diatoms


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Hi guys,


My tank is about two weeks into it's cycle and the diatoms are begining to bloom all over the place. Would it be ok for me to add some cleanup crew now? How long does the diatom blooms usually last? What would be a good set of cleanup critters to add to a 5AGA? Please be specific about suggestions. :)


BTW I found my poor damsel rug surfing when I got home last night. Poor thing I don't know what happened he seemed to be doing ok. Especially since my frozen water bottle treatment has been succeful in keeping the water at more accetable levels ( 79-82F ).

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He was carpet surfing due to the toxic levels in your tank. If someone put tear gas in your bedroom, wouldn't you try to leave? Well I just made that up, but it sounds good.


Wait to add a cleanup crew until the diatoms starve themselves out. That's when you know everything should be ready and no longer toxic.



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Ok then, I'll keep my eye on the diatoms and when things clean up I'll move on adding the cleanup crew. But I'd still like to hear some suggestions on the makeup of that crew. How many snails,what type? How many crabs and what type are good?

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