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toby puffer


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I'm wanting to keep a puffer (toby) in my 30 gallon tank, it will be a fish only setup and was wondering what else would partner it.

I was thinking of putting my maroon clown in their, any other suggestions.

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No one interested in helping what will go with a puffer, fine......


I'll post on another forum in future then.


What is it with this place, not at all friendly!



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normally i don't bother to comment on a post like that unless i know the party(s) involved but nobody was being unfriendly to you. non-response is not necessarily a unfriend gesture imo. it's called neutral. or it could've just slipped down. we lazy bastages don't usually expend the calories to mouse scroll down all the time. :P


heck, i think there's a couple of forums here i've never been in let alone posted.


if you don't get a response just give it a bump. or ask again.

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I hate! people like you man! You just say a bunch of BS to get a rise out of folks trying to get all into it. And pufferguy is abolutely right. Have a great life and head into the FW section of the LFS

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Thats right, you all come rushing to reply when someone says something that winds you all up, but to get a reply from whats probably a simple question ,no ones interested, patience doesnt come in to it, all i wanted was a little advice, what would you have me do, keep reposting over or shouldn't i have asked in the first place.


@Pufferguy, i've had reef tanks for around 3 years, this is my first FO, as i said, it's not the patience, normally on a forum you do get a reply at least 1-2hrs after posting.




No rise intended, just advice!


@ Andy


I've kept FW fish for 20 years, and by no means are marine fish superior!, they're the same.



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well if you get such quick replies in the other forums, why dont u just post it there and here. Then you can get more replies and also get them quickly from some body else. Really a simple solution to this problem we seem to be having.

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