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Tank for Niger Trigger


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I'm starting a fish only tank and was thinking of keeping a small niger trigger with a 4" clown and a puffer,and was wondering what would be the minimum size tank i'd need for it. It's not the cash for a larger tank thats the problem, its the space , i was thinking of using an 125 litre/33US gallon.


Would this be ok!


Also would i need as much live rock as you would in a reef tank...ie 1lb per gallon or could i get away with much less or none at all.


could i just use a protein skimmer or would i need extra filtration.


thanks for any advice.

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I'd got for at least a 50 gallon. You have to offer the fish growth room. Also, with 3 descent size fish which are defensive/slightly aggresive room is your friend here. 33 is too small.



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Would it make a difference not bothering with the puffer

or went for a blue chin or picasso trigger instead, they grow smaller?



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you need a tank that is AT LEAST 75 gallons. A 100 would be even better. The puffer (I assume a porcupine puffer) will grow up to about 20". The Trigger will get about 12", and will probably pick on your clownfish. Also, consider that a 50 show tank is only about 13" deep, hardly enough room for the fish to even turn around. I also want to have a fish only tank with a picasso, but I've heard from many that they are extremly aggresive, and can kill everything overnight. There's some good threads on Rc under their Fish only and Aggressive tanks. Check it out and see what you discover. Do a search on the fish you're considering, you should find some good first hand knowledge.


Don't waste money now buying a tank thats too small and plan to upgrade later, it will only be a pain later on. If you don't have the space (my problem also), maybe you should wait on it. Do it right the first time. If you do get a bigger fish only, I would definatly like to see it, since I've been thinking of the same thing.


Good luck!!



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