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brittle stars


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My tank has developed a massive population of brittle stars. There must be dozens of them. Pretty cool looking things. A couple of questions, though:


Do brittle stars eat pods? I noticed since the explosion of brittle stars I haven't seen much pods as before. The sand which used to be crawling with pods is now crawling with brittle stars.


Are they asexual? For six months, I did not have any in my tank. One day I introduced one that was in the bag with my then new clown goby. Since then, more started to show up. Or maybe it was pregnant?

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I'm so jealous of you guys with all the brittle stars. I have none and would love to them. From what I hear they are a good thing.



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Brittles are scavengers and if they will search the sand and rock crevices for food. They could be eating some pods but I'm not sure. Sounds like that you introduced a "pregnant" or "bearing" starfish. I would really recommend removing some soon before they strip your tank out of anything in the sand.


All the books I have say the have no sex and weren't specific on how they multiplied.



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cool so these guy are sand sifting? that would be grat. i'm looking for a sand sifting starfish to help with my detrius covered black sand.

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Chufa, there are several of us who would be happy to take a few off of your hands if you need to get rid of them. I've got plenty of room for them in my 90, and I know that jdsabin1 has a number of tanks to spread them out in. PM me if you need to get rid of some. We'll work something out.

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cool, but those things are tiny! I like them too, forget the pods! FlyGTI, I will PM you. offsprg01, I have never shipped any livestock and I don't know how to. PM me, maybe you can give me some tips.


Anybody want some limpets too? I got them everywhere, even in my biowheel :o

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How do you get them out of your LR? ???


I have several hitchhiker stars in my rock (all I see are their little arms sticking out). I’m not really worried about them, but is there a trick to catch them?

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yes, that can be a problem, I haven't figured out that yet. I may be able to catch some that are under shells in the sand bed.

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