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HELP - Fuzzy Red Algea Stuff????


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Hey Guys,


In recent weeks my tank has just had a bloom of fuzzy or velvette like red algea. It is all over the rocks, and the snails dont seem to eat it.


Is this good or bad? it seems to be choking out some of the life on the rocks.


And what can I do about this? Anything Please HELP

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the tank has been up and runing for like 6-8 weeks


I havent really changed much at all to the set up, not even the rock placement

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In a relatively new tank such as yours, Cyano isnt that uncommon, in a larger tank, you can syphon it off as you have more water to play with, but in nano systems I am not completely certain how to get rid of it. It will naturally run its course and go away, probably in a few weeks, but if you are worried about it smothering your reef, you could blast it away with a turkey baster, and then do about a 50% water change straight away a couple of times a weekm which should help quite a bit.

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You know what a turkey baster is dont you? just squirt water over the algae with a submerged turkey baster, and the water flow will dislodge the cyano, after which you can syphon the debris out of your tank, and do a water change.


Does that make sense?

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No worries, so long as you maintain good water quality, dont overfeed, and remove what you can of the red algae, it should run its course reasonably quickly.

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I would just dose Red Slime Remover......that way your tank doesnt get all blasted up with Cyano all over the place. It gets rid fo teh cyano in like 2 days..and no reason to get your turkey baster wet ;-)

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I wouldnt be dosing any of that stuff, its no good for you tank and you will end up doing more harm than good. Just let nature take its course.

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