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Brooklyn Johnny

No problem Crak. I'll call my wife at home and tell her to prepare some more space on the kitchen counter for a couple of horny hamsters. actually would they take out my pod population in the fuge?

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take out the pod pop? nope. They will add a ton of swimmers to the tank and it will get cloudy. Kennerd had an issue with this kind of problem. not good at all.

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Crak: Figure out your evap rate and I will ledn you one of my medical feeding pumps for your trip along with a large rubbermaid tub (of which I have a few) Just set the pump rate & that's it. Anyone going to check in on your place?

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I have a top-off from cameron (frye...frye....) and it works great (well, it did on the 7) and I will hook it up but, if I lose roughly a gallon a day, I will need a big ass bucket to supply water to the tank for 7-10 days.


My biggest fear is that the top off bucket drains into the tank, as planned, and the bucket becomes empty and the tank dips down in volume and the pump in the bucket burns out.


I have time to deal with all of this but it isn't something I'm looking forward to.


I am considering having either the babysitter come by and check in on the tank or have my dad or sister or someother relative come by but anyone coming by can (yoda voice on) only lead to feeding, which leads to over-feeding, which can kill tank.

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Ah: Mine is a pump that sits on the floor next to the bucket & no chance of overflow (I hate float valves & drippers)


I run one for my kalkwasser @195 ml/hr and another with reef builder @ 12 ml/hr. Can always deal without the reef builder for a week or two.

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I like the top off. my only concern is that I will use up the water in the top off bucket and the pump that is in there will burn out. Thus I need a larger bucket.

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Cool... Crak is going to end up with a 180g sitting below his 26 Bow in oreder to keep it filled! Maybe Physh1 can build a 180g auto-topper for $68 bucks and ship it to you! :D

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Just have the sitter top-off the top-off bucket a few times while you're away. Sorry about the oddly shaped clump of GSP. It was a quick hack-job on my way out the door. I'll get you a more glass-mouting-friendly sheet of it next time. The Monti dig wasn't from your tank, that's the colony that's been growing in my 10 for a year. That sad little smidge of capricornus is a chunk of one of yours. Next trip I'll bring the fungia, the day-glo orange ric, and other stolen gems.


Thanks for the tickets and the raise in blood-alcohol content, BTW. Your "anniversary" scheme worked like a charm. We were seated immediately at a table right next to the window. The view was insane.


Ken, so long as you're in here too -thanks a million for the Q. We had a great time. The O'Bs don't fugg around when it comes to food.

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Red-light district window seating is far from something to be thankful for, Kev: glad you and Marisa could make it...sorry you missed the ribs. Night ended when my cousin nearly took my neighbor's head off with a bottle rocket @ 2:45 when he was cruiding his yard trying to figure out what yard the "little punks with the fireworks" were hiding.....hehe. BTW, Sea: I had to get a N-R eyewitness, but one of my best buds aroud here is a near dead-ringer for you....God help the East coast.


Got plenty of GSP, and a bloody-mary red cap for you, Steve.


BTW: nabbed a sweet 150HQI fixture for the 10, so I'll be groing out SPS frags for all you pogues before you know it.

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well, I rescued one of the xenia frags only to have it get swept up into the skimmer. rescued again but it ain't pretty.


one of my powersweeps has slowed down on the sweep and there is barely any water pumping so I guess I'll be cleaning that tomorrow night.


everything else is great except for the bubbles coming out of the skimmer. I can't fit the bubble trap in there so I'll have to live with it for now.


send frags dammit.


satch, that anniversary trick, or a proposal story works every time. don't over use it or we'll get busted one of these days.

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Flush the xenia. Don't let it turn to goo in your brandy new tank. There's plenty more to spare. I'll have a few stalks mounted on a small rock next time. And I'll be sure to use the anniversary trick sparingly. But after considering what the proposal scheme would entail, I'm not going anywhere near that one.


Would've sampled your late-nite ribs Ken, but I don't think I could have handled the chapote.

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satch, I have proposed to my wife about 6 times now. Each time after the first was part of a ruse to get a table at a restaurant that was deemed full that afternoon. I have ended up with several free bottles of champagne, a round of drinks and a free dessert or two. It helps to already have the ring and, believe it or not, proposing over and over again makes it less painfull.

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Yeah, but you've got the initial and official proposal under your belt. Like I said, I'm not touching it. I'm holding out for a bigger dowry.

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or a clown fish.


*&*%&*)(&^#(*#)^@_) :angry:


i feel ya satch i ain't gettin married until i'm 90 years of and i don't have anything better to do.

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