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Need to change inhabitants - recommendations welcome


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Well, didn't want to believe it, but finally saw the need to return the green brittle star and my peppermint shrimp to the LFS where he can eat and thrive. (at least thrive on things other than my tank)


I'm working on setting up a 90 gal at home, but that won't be for at least a month or two and I can't wait. Two snails and now my favorite inhabitant, an emerald crab have become lunch. X) The brittle is about a foot across and is WAY too big. He's seemed quite harmless when I've seen him, but when I just hand fed him and he dropped an arm from the emerald, he goes back to the LFS from whence he came. I'm not exactly sure that it wasn't my 3 foot (OK, 2 inch) long peppermint shrimp that caused the demise, but they will both return (happily taken by LFS for a credit) with my thanks for their hours of enjoyment. Perhaps when I get the big tank back up, I'll end up with the same ones.


Anyhow, enough of the eulogy X) I'm looking for suggestions for my new cleaner crew. Tank stats are below. I'll still have a blue legged hermit (first inhabitant going strong), two margarita snails and my small zoo colony with a feather duster on the bottom. Tank stats are great except for the major cyano outbreak.


Should I wait to clear the cyano before getting new inhabitants? I'm trying the 8 hours light (down from 12) method and will closely watch the zoos. For now, they're growing like weeds. They love the phytoplankton spot feeding :woot:


I'd love to get another emerald crab (or two, but I hear they're territorial), possibly another less aggressive shrimp and/or star as well. Suggestions extremely welcome!


Tank stats: 5.5AGA, 13W CF X 2 1 blue actinic, 1 10000K, 80W visitherm heater, 250 Aquaclear HOB filter, 250 gph micropump (circulation), 6# LS, 11# LR, zoo colony, blue legged hermit, 2 margarita snails, (for the moment green brittle star and 1 huge peppermint shrimp)

Amm: 0, Trite: 0, Trate ~10, pH 8.2, temp 77.9-79.2, sal 1.026, tank approx 3.5 months established.

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Hey Para,


How bad is the cyano outbreak? You're a bigger man than I if it's pretty bad and you're trying to ride it out via light cycle. I wound up using chemi-clean and I haven't seen any since (just a suggestion anyway).


At any rate, emeralds IMO are outstanding crabs to have around. Constant workers for the most part. I also suggest a scarlet reef hermit. I don't personally have one but I have a friend that does in his mini-bow 7 and it seems to be a good worker and cool to look at. I love the nassarius snails (fastest damn snail I ever saw and he digs in the sand well). I also love the strombus snails as they work hard for the money also.



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Thanks, my concern is if it's possible to get two to coexist in a 5.5 (emeralds that is)


As for the scarlet reef, I've heard some fighting tales between the reds vs the blue legged I already have.


I did the FW Maracyn (low dose, about half recommended) and it did take out what was there, but it came back with a vengence. Might try the chemi-clean route, especially since there's little livestock in the tank at present.


Also, forgot to mention, I've been doing water changes frequently, about 15% a week. Have to get a turkey baster to work on getting the cyano out directly. That should help significantly.

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