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sea salt dilemma


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Hi Guys,


I have a problem with my friend Rommel who setup his nano at around the same time I started cycling my tank. But he went cheap on me and instead of buying a salt mix went out to the marker and bought the local sea salt which is readily available around here. I'm trying to convince him that this was a bad idea but I've run out of facts to press the point. Could anyone please give me some good points to use on him...I don't want him to lose his tank critters and blame me for it.

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Sea salt like you would use to season food? :x If that is the case then it most likely does not have the neccessary chemical balance to support a reef tank. May even have preservatives that will be harmful to reef animals?!?!


I would only recommend one of the commercial mixes designed for the purpose. If he is local, maybe you guys could split the cost of a good salt mix?




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Well I thought of using that argument...but I already bought my salt. I thought he did the same thing, turns out he bought salt from the stall at the market...sheesh.

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