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Best place to buy a 20 long?


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After seeing FlyGTI's 20 long, I think I need to have one of those to replace my Eclipse 12 setup. It just looks cool. Anyone know where I can get a 20 long tank at a reasonable price?


I see Hellolights has a 2X65 fixture that is 30" long too so I was thinking about putting that over it.


Any suggestions, advice or input welcome.



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Want one? Remember, I've got a spare that I'm not going to use. Wifey-poo won't let me start another (nor do I have time to take care of it). PM me and we'll talk!

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if you don't go through FlyGTI, then I agree with botak, any large pet store chain will sell them for under $25... just make sure you go with a large chain and not a LFS, as they probably won't give you much of a deal

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