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Japanese Basslet?


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Well I got a new fish cause it was damn cool looking. They sold it to me as a japanese basslet. Can someone positively id it for me please?

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here's another pic. they've all been saturated cause they were crappy pics but you get the idea. I've ruled out the possibility of a green banded goby. Trust me, it's not one of those

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for some reason, I am looking more towards a wrasse, rather than basslet..

i think that its what people call an adult mystery wrasse (Psuedochellinus ocellatus)


although i have not yet seen them as adults. the juvenile mystery wrasse has not yet developed all its lines but has 5-6 lines vertically marked on its body..

it has a yellow face. white line across its forehead

blue/gree fins and a black dot before the tail..


and all i know is, when it matures.. it gains more lines and fins turns red.. haha


i hope this helps you a little bit in finding your quest.. :)

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but then again, i dont think it will be, because mystery wrasse ..

psuedochellinus ocellatus or Psuedochellinus mysterii has an

almost $300 price tag on them :)

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here's a link to the mystery wrasse. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Di...d=21&pCatId=355


It looks similar but I don't think that's it.


a search of japaenese basslet produces the scientific name liopropoma susumi which, when searched, produces swissguard basslets.



the mystery wrasse is still the most like your fish. The swissguard basslet sells for around $50., by the way.

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