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2 Gallon Hex


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I am new to the hobby of keeping a Nano reef. I have decided that for my first tank I would want a 2 Gallon Hexagon or a 2 Gallon Tall. This would be my first nano. I already however have a 37 Gallon reef in process tank. Just wanted to use and old 2 Gallon. I have done a fair amount of reading up on these tanks and it seems the only real difference is more WC's. Here are specs for the future 2 Gallon Hex.


2 Gallon Hexagon Acrylic

Looking for a low GPH filter 50 range

50watt Ebo Jager Heater

13watt PC Desklamp

3-4lbs Live Rock

2-3lbs Live Sand


Circulation would be via the filter. Please comment on this post.


Thanx :ninja:

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Basa what kind of filter do you have on your 2 Gallon Hex. I can't find a smal enough HOB to put on a 4.5" face.


Thanx :ninja:

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i used the smallest topfin hob on my 10 just to get it started, not sure it it will fit on the back of a 2 gallon ........

i still have it running on my 10 gal. it was like 12 bucks at pestmart. it is 5 &3/4 in. long. hopes this helps......

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The aquaclear-mini will work, but just barely. To make it work, I had to cut some of the acrylic cover back a bit for water clearance.

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Yeah I was thinking that a small Powerhead might work. Just by using the lR/LS and a PH this filttering would be accomplished. Excellent. Then it shall be started very soon (when my funds go up some).


BTW Thanx fer replies :ninja:

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